Flicky - SEGA ROM

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Coon's Escape multiplatform game
Flicky- SEGA game ROM

In the game, the player controls Flicky, a flightless bird who has to save the Chirps, from house cats. The player has to collect all of the Chirps and guide them through the exit. The player has to avoid the cat, Tiger and the green iguana, Iggy. They can also be killed by throwing items at them. Tiger tries to catch Flicky by jumping on platforms or running, while Iggy owns the ability to climb walls and crawl fast along the floors. He debuts in round 10. Players start with two lives and can gain more lives by acquiring certain scores; however there is a maximum of seven lives they can attain. When all the lives are gone, the game will end.


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Arrow Keys - B(Start) - X(A) - C(B) - V(C)
Right click on the game screen to edit the Control keys.